If you want to make money with binary options but don’t have any experience, then using binary options robots is a great solution. Binary options are the future of online trading, a form of a quick investment with high profits. The binary options robot is a new technology based on an advanced algorithm that significantly increases your rate of return. With the help of the binary robots, you can earn easily and in confidence, even without any previous knowledge. Don’t waste your time with unfamiliar and unsafe robots. Trade only with the best, tried and tested binary options robots

We were very disappointed with this binary options robot. The algorithm of this bot is weak and it doesn’t bring results – the success rate, based on Binary Elites tests, was only 32%. This number says it all. The user interface is ok, but you need to download the robot, which takes a bit of time. But most importantly, you are unlikely to make much profit using this bot due to an outdated algorithm.

At first this bot looked promising, we enjoyed a 75% rate of successful trades. But then we wanted to withdraw money… And that’s when the problems began. It took forever just to get responses, endless emails and messages, as well as technical problems. A long and arduous process in all. This happened on several different tests with this bot. Each time, withdrawals were a very time consuming and difficult process, and no doubt very stressful for any trader who wants to withdraw his profits. Unfortunately it left us feeling this was not a particularly safe or trustworthy bot, and it might as well be a scam.

Binary Elites

Binary Elites is a team of professionals from different fields such as finance, investment, law, stock market trading, computer science, statistics and data management. Each one has extensive experience in the binary options market. We established this team to coordinate and assess one of the fastest growing online markets and to provide a reference point for those who are interested in binary options. We believe this market is the future of online investment, thus we want to be at its peak. Robot Review team is doing all of its research, tests and simulations independently and we are following the highest standards of professional ethics.

Binary options are considered high risk investments. Since your initial investment could be lost, caution is recommended, and you are advised not to invest any sum that you cannot do without. High yielding tools can be lucrative, but also addictive. Make sure to inform family members of your online trading activities to avoid making poor and costly decisions.